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Hacking The Spy Video Trakr 


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Hacking The Spy Video Trakr 

Written By: KRA5H 


The Trakr is a remote controlled robot equipped with a microphone and color video camera, 
speaker, a near infrared LED for night vision, an SD memory card slot for recording 
audio/video and 8MB of on board memory for storing downloadable and user designed 
programs. The remote control unit has control levers to drive the robot, a speaker and color 
video display so you can hear the audio picked up by the microphone and display the video 
transmitted by the camera, and several function buttons that can be used to control 
additional program functions of user designed programs. 

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Hacking The Spy Video Trakr 

Step 1 — Hacking The Spy Video Trakr 

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Hacking The Spy Video Trakr 

This project is intended show you 
how to download and install the C 
language compiler for the Trakr. 
Next we'll explain how to compile a 
simple program and install it on the 
Trakr and then run this simple 
program. Finally, we will 
demonstrate how to open up the 
Trakr, attach jumper pins to the 
GPIO connections on the 
mainboard of the Trakr and compile 
a simple program to flash an LED 
connected to the GPIO pins. You 
will be able to confidently call 
yourself an elite Trakr Hacker. 

Unfortunately to upload pictures to 
these guides requires 800 by 600 
resolution yet my Jazz DV150 has 
a maximum resolution of 640 by 
480. So, I will direct you to other 
resources I have created for 
hacking the Trakr. 

I have dedicated a blog page to 
hacking the Spy Video Trakr (keep 
checking my blog for more Trakr 

I have also posted an Instructable 
called Hacking The Spy Video 
Trakr (a simple introduction to 
hacking the Trakr): 

My Trakr made Hack A Day: 1/1 1/03/bomb- 

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Hacking The Spy Video Trakr 

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